The objects signed Muriel Garderet are hand crafted by a local team of workers have become a part of formasdeluz. Carpenters, stone masons and local crafts-men and women work from home preparing the parts which are assembled in our workshop.

  • Muriel Garderet

    Muriel Garderet is inspired by the light, the materials and the human warmth surrounding her. Thirty years ago, on a casual trip to Colombia years ago, she fell in love with a different sense of time, with rural life and hand-crafts, with supportive team work and free-lance venture... Born in France and raised between Africa and Europe, Muriel inherited from her Swiss mother and grandmother the art of creating objects both beautiful and useful and later, the study of music and mathematics added more tools to her creative vein.

    Her first lampshade, dating 1986, was knotted together with the clear intention of creating items from a rural setting to meet an urban demand for 'warm' objects.
    Since then, and always with a sculptural, 3D approach, Muriel has experimented with materials and structures that have matured into a whole array of unique objects with craft details but aesthetic clarity.

    Her workshop, formasdeluz, lies on the outskirts of the historic mountain-village of Barichara and is an experiment in close-knit team work. The local crafts-men and -women associated to formasdeluz work together with high standards of quality.

    "The people who join formasdeluz are not necessarily crafts persons, but they all develop craft and communication skills to conform a unique team."

    "In the same way we take care of each step of the production, we also grow as individuals and as a team.

  • Gilma

    "Working here is like a school of life. I have grown as a person."

  • Gloria

    "In a way, we learn to share, due to working as a team. That's great and adds to the stability of a regular income and everything we have learned for our lives."

  • Luz Marina

    "The workshop is a wonderful source of employment for Barichara. Formasdeluz has given me balance and evolution."

  • Rosa

    "In 20 years I have learned a lot about responsibility, the love of work and dedication. It's a part of my life, like a second home."

  • Janet

    "The workshop offers women in the village a work opportunity and that's very important."

  • Genaro

    "Apart from giving me a stable income, working with formasdeluz has made me realize that my work is appreciated; my hands produce art work."

  • Lorenzo

  • Ciro